The Importance of Space

By Chris

Ever heard of amygdalae? These tiny guys that go ape-nuts when you are faced with a particularly familiar close-talker. They are responsible for that feeling you get when your personal space is being invaded. 

Personal space is something that even babies have an innate sense of. It’s arm’s length for some, others it depends on the company, but what are some of these factors that weigh on one’s idea of personal space?

First of all, it depends on the person. Some people don’t like to be touched, others are intuitively aware of the bond that can be formed between even the most modest of gestures. This factor for personal space comes down to personal taste, so next time you’re on a hug rampage, be aware.

There are also cultural factors for how flared up your amygdalae might get. If you’ve ever seen a Japanese subway car, it’s easy to understand that their amygdalae might have evolved to be a little more accepting of invading bodies. For others, personal space extends to the place they live, either their room, house or farm. This might account for the second-amendment, perhaps.

The importance of personal space is not a personal view, but rather a projected view on those around you. What is their space requirements? How can I not invade their idea of personal space? How can I propose the prospect of a group-snuggle? These are things that are on the minds of all people who live in close proximity to others. Aren’t they? Guys? Where you going?

The point being that these simple interactions have larger ramifications when considering the village ideal. Villagers live close together in mostly peaceful conditions because of an understood idea of personal space.

So enjoy your space, it’s important.