Top 5 ways to get your daily F and V’s

By Emily

Getting your daily recommended servings of Fruits and Vegetables is like the plot line of a James Bond movie. It seems impossible, is somehow doable, and is always sexy. Not that we’re saying your colon is a sexist, misogynistic dinosaur. We just want you to eat well.

If you’re having trouble getting your daily F and V’s, here are a few tips to make this easier.


1.     The Giant Tupperware Salad.

Buy a giant tupperware container. Fill with a giant salad (1 whole head of lettuce, cucumber, bell pepper all chopped up. Throw some peeled and chopped carrots in there for good measure. Every day, eat a smaller, but still giant bowl of salad (think mixing bowl sized). Add half an avocado, some whole grain croutons ($2 at No Frills) and your favourite salad dressing. 4-6 servings of vegetables easy.  The giant Tupperware salad should last you about a week. 


2.     The Backpack Veggie Box.

On the topic of Tupperware, get a smaller, but decently sized food storage container and fill that baby with a few handfuls of veggies and toss in your backpack. Stock your fridge with pre-cut carrots, cucumbers, bell peppers, mushrooms, lime squeezed on pre-cut sticks of jicama peppered with cumin… whatever floats your boat! Instant supply of F and V to last you the day. Probably about 2-3 servings.


3.     The Grab-n-Go Sugar Fix.

Get your sugar fix from fruits. The ultimate grab-n-go fruit: banana. Honourable mentions: small bag full of grapes, peel-able oranges or clementines, and, the seductive apple. Remember, when it comes to getting your F and V, emphasis is on the “V”. You’re probably overloading on sugar if your daily routine consists of eating 7 pieces of fruit and 1 cup of lettuce. Sugar is sugar so tip the balance towards vegetables and your gastrointestinal tract will tip its hat for you.  


4.     Morning Vegetable Glory.

Love eggs in the morning? Scrambled tofu? Insert chopped vegetables here. A whole tomato, bell pepper slices, chopped mushrooms, salsa, pasta sauce…your options are endless. Thinly sliced fresh tomato and cucumber also pair nicely with crisp toast and cottage or ricotta cheese. A good 1-3 servings and it’s only 8am! 


5.     Smoothies. Oh God, The Smoothies!

So many options here. The perfect base is milk/soymilk and a banana. Then mix it up any way you please: chopped kale for a veggie fix, frozen fruit for something Boosterjuice-esque, peanut butter if you’re feeling like a funky monkey. Bulk up with protein by adding ¼ container of silken tofu (full container = $1 at No Frills). It goes great with orange juice. Grind whole flax seeds bought from Bulk Barn on the cheap in a coffee grinder and store in the fridge. Add 1 tablespoon of ground flaxseed to smoothies, you know, for kicks. Fibre kicks that is. You just drank 2-3 servings.  

Your colon thanks you.  


Note: Adults should eat 7 to 10 servings of fruits and vegetables each day.  1 serving = ½ cup of chopped fruit/veg (fresh, frozen or canned), 1 cup of lettuce (or any other leafy green), or 1 piece of fruit.

Check out Canada’s Food Guide here: for more info.